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Caring For Our Customers

Declaration of Conflict Metal Free

Our Company (including all Subsidiaries and Affiliated Companies hereafter) declares that our product , directly or via third parties doesn't contain any conflict metals (cobalt , palladium, gold, tantalum, tungsten, and tin, etc.) mining from Eastern DRC (the Democratic Republic of Congo) and its adjoining countries, defined in the Section 1502 of the “Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” and its affiliated laws or regulations. Committing to operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner in all areas of our business, our company will proactively undertake due diligence and continuous monitoring on our supply chain to avoid direct or indirect procurement of Conflict Metals.


Total Solutions

For many years, we have made efforts in offering more diversified products and providing total solutions to our customers. Through integration with upstream supply chain and constant expansion of existing production lines, we not only have controlled key technology and material supply from our suppliers, but also are in possession of diversified production lines that provide more choices for our customers. Our core competency has been enhanced through our efforts of satisfying all kinds of needs of our customers and through the way of vertical and horizontal integration.


Long-term Partnership

We are always dedicating ourselves to grow together with our customers. Besides deeply understanding the needs of our customers and trying hard to find solutions, we also provide prompt responses and build long-term partnership with our distributors all over the world. Through long-term cooperation and mutual trust, we hope we can build a reliable relationship and grow together with our partners.


Customer Satisfaction

We regularly ask our customers to complete the customer satisfaction questionnaire and return to us for further analysis every year. Our marketing segments issues customer satisfaction questionnaire to our customers and collect their opinions regarding quality, delivery, price, technology, and overall impression, etc. Such questionnaires are always under analysis after collection. In addition, we also report to related segments and ask for verification and improvement.


Customer Service

We have a professional sales team that can satisfy the needs of our customers by providing good communications and prompt responses. Our primary goal is to increase customer satisfaction through any possible way. We deeply believe that best customer service is the key to enhance partnership with our customers and stabilize the customer loyalty. Continuous Investigation and Improvement to satisfy this changing industrial environment and customer’s CSR: We are always taking immediate actions in response to H.S.E laws & regulations and other requests from our customers. Other related segments also need to be investigated and make improvements according to requirements from our customers. As a result, we are able to constantly comply with those requirements and thus upgraded our performance both in issues of environmental protection and CSR.



Supplier Guiding and Audits

We always choose suppliers which can abide by our quality requirements for material and working process. Besides, we will help our suppliers to pass the ISO 9000 quality system and also continuously request our suppliers to follow the standard and aim to get IATF 16949 as the goal. In order to develop Green Products, we also hold regular Green Partner meetings to explain and introduce the regulation of being a green partner, how it derives from, how to get approved, and how to control the documents and incoming materials, etc. As for substance of environmental prohibiting substance, suppliers must provide relevant documents which can prove that the hazardous material is not used or is within specification.


We strictly request all suppliers to stop using hazardous chemical substance step by step. Besides, we will also audit all suppliers every year. For those disqualified suppliers, we will help them to enhance the quality level and put into our annual plan in order to manage continuously. In addition, we will also strictly control the material approval process and inspection process of finished goods by using systematical management to make sure our products can be in accordance with the international standard and meet customer requirement.



Caring About Our Society

We have never forgotten to payback caring and reward our society, in addition to our own staff.

  • We advocate the advantage of reading and sponsor “Philanthropic Library” and “School Campus Reading & Re-Building Plan”. In doing so, we can let the public pay more attention about reading and helping those people who suffering disaster or misfortune. The project of “Philanthropic Library” combines expertise from corporations, teachers, and volunteers to carry out the reading atmosphere and activities. We believe we can get the best effects starting from campus to the whole society by using limited resources. With all of our contribution, we believe we can also create better reading habits, enhance everyone’s values, and build our society with more courtesy.

    We also support “School Campus Reading & Re-Building Plan” for August 8th flood in 2009, which is held by “Taiwan Reading and Cultural Foundation of Consortium”. The purpose of this plan is to help those people who are disadvantaged minority or suffered disaster. Through our contribution, we hope we can help them gain more strength and reach a peaceful mind through reading.

  • We have joined School-to-Work cooperation program with Youth High School, Chiao Tai High School, and Ling Tung University. We have joined School-to-Work cooperation program with Youth High School, Chiao Tai High School, and Ling Tung University.

  • We also sponsor the “Distinguished Citizens Society of International Cultural Taichung” which holds related activities for those people who suffering disaster or misfortune.

  • We also hold blood donation activity every year and encourage people to donate blood to save someone’s life.