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Our company has issued our own “H.S.E. Manual” and has been firmly practiced by our staff into our system operation. During the process of creation, implementation and evaluation of H.S.E. management system, we have more effectively carried out a H.S.E system that sticks to our promises through participation of our staff.


In aspect of Hygiene/Safety/Environment, our policies and promises are as below

  • Promotion of H.S.E concepts / Maintenance of environmental quality / Assurance of Staff’s safety and hygiene.
  • Compliance with laws & regulations and requirements of other interested parties / Detailed planning of H.S.E. protection system.
  • Well practice of waste classification and recycling.
  • Continuous improvement of H.S.E performance / Establishment of emergency response system / Creation of safe and comfortable working environment.
  • Advocacy of community concepts of mutual benefits, mutual support and good neighborhood.
  • Encourage workers to participate issues of environmental, safety and hygiene aggressively/ Establish an easy and complete consulting communication process for workers.


Waste Management


According to our “Waste Management Regulations”, with aims of complete and effective removal and disposal of wastes, preventive actions against emergency, improvement of environment and hygiene, and maintenance of health, all of our staff shall follow waste classification during the temporary storage before removal by qualified waste disposal contractors. Hence, we can achieve waste-to-resource, waste stabilized treatment, waste in free-of-toxicity, waste reduction, and waste recycling.


Health Promotion

  • We, with honor, have a certified certificate of application – badge of Accredited Health Workplace, issued by Bureau of Health Promotion, Department of Health of R.O.C. (Taiwan).
  • We also host health seminars to enhance our staff’s acknowledgment in hygiene and health.


H.S.E. Education

  • In order to avoid occurrence of and accidents in workplace, we are firmly maintaining safety regarding operation and facilities/machines, and enhance our staff’s safety and health according to “H.S.E. Management Procedure” issued by our company.
  • In order to advance our staff’s acknowledgment in H.S.E and to avoid occurrence of safety incidents, we regularly host H.S.E. education, training, and promotion during our weekly meetings.
  • All tiers of our staff have to accept H.S.E. education and training that is necessary to their work.
  • We post necessary H.S.E. announcement, awareness, and signs that are required for each of working sites.


Inspection of Working Sites

According to our “Self Inspection Management Procedure”, for firm practice of H.S.E. work and for prevention against occurrence of occupational injuries, our company has always followed detailed inspection for improvement regarding our facilities and working status of our staff. Therefore, by following those steps, we expect to reduce occurrence of safety incidents and to protect safety and health of our staff.

Inspection  PeriodInspection Items 

General Operation


 Every 6 months
  •  CO2
  • Noise
  • IIIumination
  • Drinking Water
Hazardous substances Every year   Lead Work
Hazardous substances Every 6 months
  • Organic Solvent Work
  • Powder Work


Waste Water Management

In order to keep assurance of compliance with norms of waste water emissions, our company has issued “Waste Water Management Procedure”.

  • As we set up our plants, we always in advance installed separate pipelines upon various purposes according to the regulations of industrial park. For instance, waste water emission pipelines which applied for hygiene waste are separated from rain water drainage which applied for rainwater exclusively. These pipelines all have outlets that route to waste water treatment plant within the industrial park.
  • For waste water treatment from our electro-plating plant, we always follow the standard and monitoring according to our “Standard Operation of Waste Water Facilities”. All of our waste water is in conformity with the legal emission norms before its emissions to waste water treatment plant center in the industrial zone. Furthermore, we have set up inlets/outlets for environment protection authorities and inspectors of waste water treatment plant to do the audit.


List of Our Certificate Approval

  • Certificate approval of LRQA ISO 9001 certified, on November of 1993
  • Certificate approval of LRQA ISO 14001 certified, on June of 2000
  • Certificate approval of LRQA ISO/TS 16949 certified, on January of 2008
  • Certificate approval of LRQA OHSAS 18001 certified, on August of 2009
  • Certificate approval of LRQA CNS 15506 certified, on August of 2009