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Our Training System

We provide employees with comprehensive training and learning system. Training for new coming staff will help them to have better understanding of our organizational goals and culture. In the meantime, they can adapt to their position and office quickly but still keep their original ambitions and enthusiasm for the work.

Our company has multiple learning resources such as in-house training, external training and e-learning, etc. We subsidize appointed staff with full expenses for external professional training, and hold in-house training periodically to carry out OJT princilpe. We also encourage our staff for multiple learning to realize innovation thinking and accumulate knowledge. In this way, we can achieve self development goals.


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Our Position Structure Categories

Our positions are divided into five categories:engineering, technology, sales, administration , and management. Each category has its own learning regulations and it can be a measurable indicators when promotion.

Staffs are encouraged to learn and experience in different divisions. This can be rewarded with scores if evaluation for individual promotion.


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