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Company Structure

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Segment Duties

No. Department      Description of Functions and Duties
1. Business Division I its duties include business operation and sales, such as Dip Switches, Connectors, Relay, Terminal Blocks and all kinds of metal stamping parts, etc.
2. Business Division II its duties include business operation and sales of business, such as lead frame for semi-conductor, lead frame for LED, heat sink, and development and manufacturing of precise molds, etc.
3. General Administration Division it is a service division for all of business departments, including Department of Finance, Department of General Administration, Department of Procurement, and Department of IT, etc.
4. C.E.O. Room Study, supervision and planning regarding those projects which are handed over from CEO, and provide related analysis information as references of operation policies.
5. Department of Marketing its duties include business approach and implementation, product promotion, marketing, customer service, and handling of customer complaint, etc.
6. Department of R&D it is a department of developing and designing our products and production facilities.
7. Department of QA it is a department of handling quality control, quality assurance, and the related company documentations.
8. Department of Production its duties include manufacturing & its process, production arrangement and planning, maintenance of production facilities, and raw material management, etc.
9. Department of Finance its duties include financial planning, capital transfer, cost control, and accounting, etc.
10. Department of IT its duties relate to IT, such as its planning, evaluation, introduction, testing and maintenance of information system, etc.
11. Section of Procurement its duties include procurement of product components and raw material.
12. Section of General Affairs its duties include personnel and general service, etc.
13. Shengang Factory its duties include production and sales for all kinds of metal stamping products.