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During the process of establishing Green Product Management System, our practice was based on the standard of our existing ISO management system, in addition to compliance with norms issued by the related laws and regulations. Regarding the control of product environment risk which is weakly controlled, we have added more management procedures to minimize the occurrence of product environment risk. As to our CSR on green products, we have firmly put into practice by actions from aspects of product procurement, R&D, and production, including:

  • Green Procurement
  • Green Design
  • Green Production


Our Green Product Policies are:

  • Continuous reduction of Hazardous Substance
  • Well fulfillment of CSR
  • Production of Green Products



Green Procurement

Regarding requirements of green procurement, we choose suppliers which are qualified by us and are able to supply green products. These suppliers must provide related documents which prove their materials are in conformity to environmental regulations, with conditions described on our orders for conformity to non-hazardous substance. When we purchase new materials, we directly describe on specifications or contracts to forbid use of substance that hazardous to the environment, and we also require such writing documents and guarantee letters.


We strictly demand all of our suppliers to restrict those hazardous chemicals step by step, and we also regularly conduct audits to all of our suppliers. We have confidence to comply with international laws & regulations and with requirements from our customers by our systematic management on strict control of our products.



Green Design

Since European Union has issued the directive of RoHS, we have established a team that is exclusively responsible for this. This team, in one way, collects and learns related regulations and information from different countries and, in another way, carry out communications and propaganda to all of our production lines and major component suppliers, and also clarification and verification of raw materials during our manufacturing process. We consider green design from the first beginning and thus all of our products are in conformity with the directive of RoHS under European Union.


With higher awareness of environmental protection of global consumers, concept of environmental sustainability carried by manufacturers, and increasing threats on earth and human beings, nowadays global consumers and governments are all extremely concerning such issues. To assure our products fully consisting with directive RoHS issued by European Union and with restrictions on such as PFOS (Perfluorooctane Sulfonates), substances that cause damages to the ozone layer and halogens etc., and to effectively control and practice new regulations from authorities and requirements from our customers for restrictions of hazardous substances, we are always concerned the trends of international laws & regulations and has included Substance of Very High Concern(SVHC) issued by REACH regulations under European Union into our green design procedures. As to the future trends that may update the directive RoHS under EU, we will also continually evaluate our policies.



Green Production

In response to increasing restriction to chemicals upon international laws & regulations and in consideration of more control on all kinds of chemicals applied into our products and manufacturing process, particularly hazardous substances, we have issued our own “Hazardous Substances Regulation Lists” and follow stern control of chemical substances that may be applied into our products or during our manufacturing process that can affect environmental safety according to international regulations and customer requirements. Therefore, we are complying with all kinds of norms related to special chemical substances.


The packaging materials for delivery that we are applying are also recycling materials, including paper and plastics, etc. Besides, such materials are in conformity with the regulation, under EU 94/62/EC, of less than 100ppm contents in total of the four heavy metals, including lead, cadmium, mercury, and hexavalent chromium. In addition, PVC has been also excluded from the use of plastic on product. At last, we also well control the usage of packing materials and have reduced the consumption of packaging materials and waste production by re-use the materials.