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Since more than 30 years ago when ECE was founded, we are always sticking to our initial faith and continually endeavoring the best we can to provide our customers electronic components with excellent quality and at a reasonable price. Our nearly hundred R&D engineers, who are deployed widely under all of our business divisions, have done their best efforts day by day to achieve vertical and horizontal integration of our Taiwan and overseas business divisions.


With our expectation in keeping our technologies ahead and in expanding our market positions, we have made a lot of efforts in advancing our technologies through aspects of cost design, product design, and quality design, and put a lot of investment into various ways such as advanced testing facilities, design and verification software, expansion of equipments in laboratory room, cultivation and attraction of high skill professionals, etc., in a hope to control advanced technologies and lead the trends of industrial development.



Introduction of computer software with all of our efforts, such as CAD/CAE/KM, etc.



Under the main frame of Windchill ProjectLink created by PTC Technology Corporation, a U.S.A. high-tech company, and with assistance of other tool software, we have developed products with high reliability and quality:

  • Our 2D/3D product design graphics are produced by the latest version of Creo 2.0CAD under pro/ENGINEER software.
  • We use IntraLink 9.0 to control and manage the data of drawings and design-related information, etc. In addition, we also set up the authority restriction to the access of controlled information so that we can protect our confidential files and documents.
  • Our design projects which are still under developing across various areas, companies, or countries can be collaborated by using ProjectLink through remote access and storage of information through WWW.
  • We introduce ANSYS, a well-known Computer-Aided Engineering/C.A.E, by its Finite Element Method, to testify the effectiveness of product design in the initial stage and thus to shorten our R&D schedule and reduce the resource wastes due to errors arising from design phase.
  • We also introduce Clarizen, a kind of avant-garde project management software through cloud to manage our complicate product R&D schedule. Clarizen can not only provide significant effects on firm practice of product R&D plan, daily progress control, and implementation, but also can be a platform for members locating at different working site to share and discuss information related to the projects that they get involved in and to analyze the interaction, relationship, and mutual impacts due to dependence and schedule of related works under different members.



We develop automated production facilities together with hardware investment by ourselves

Improvement of automated manufacturing process:

  • In order to set up modern plants with higher effectiveness and lower manufacturing cost, and to pursue consistent product quality, for many years, our R&D team has input into automated production facilities and tools so as to fulfill the different requirements from our customers. In addition, we also try our best to downsize the scale of facilities and to reach the maximal effects.
  • Introduction of RP (Rapid Prototyping) For several years, we have well applied the Rapid Prototyping under OBJET system created by Objet Geometries Ltd., an Israeli company, and, therefore, can rapidly produce prototype of product design before opening final molds. The Design Review and Design Verification for our products at initial design stage can be a reference of future processing possibilities, be Patterns of Mold for future mold design by molding manufacturer, and be Presentation of future product stimulation for our potential customers so that our customers can provide their comments for further modification and evaluation of our products.



Emphasis on green concept for product design

To response to the recent environment protection issue, we have reduced environmental pollution and resource consumption all the way starting from the R&D phase and manufacturing process. We continue this process till final delivery and we hope this reduces the impact on our earth.




  • We have developed products that are consistent with international standards such as RoHS of EU and REACH regulations, etc. and that have been verified through certificate of ”Green Product” by many domestic and international leading companies.
  • Our designed products are in conformity with requirements of “Clean Production” during their processes
    • Adopting of eco-friendly or renewable materials.
    • Material savings without sacrificing our quality levels.
    • Recycling of resources and materials.
    • Lower material consumption to achieve “Energy Saving & Carbon Reduction”.
    • Using common materials for packing purposes.
    • Studying of materials contained hazardous substances that are possible to be forbidden in the future, and seeking of substitute materials and skills.


Customization service and OEM/ODM skills

We are in possessing of a wide and deep range of experienced OEM/ODM projects for such a long time and we have reached excellent abilities in providing customized products and services to satisfy different specification requirements. This allows us to quickly respond to the ideas and needs of our customers by forming particular project teams that work on any potential projects with customers.