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Remuneration System

  • Salary:We investigate salary levels of related industries every year and accordingly make adjustment to satisfy needs of our staff and thus to lower staff turnover rate.

  • General Bonus:we reward staff general bonus according to resolution of general stockholder’s meetings, as one of our expression to appreciate our staff’s contribution to our company.

  • Annual Bonus:Before Lunar New Year, we reward our staff annual bonus according to our annual operation status, as one of our expression to appreciate the hard work of our staff.


Insurance and Health Examination

  • Legal Insurance:We firmly follow the regulations by government authorities to protect our staff’s right.

  • Group Insurance:We arrange group insurance for our employees who engage with high-risk or special work, traveling abroad, or dispatching overseas.

  • Health Examination:We arrange annual staff health examination, and special health examination for those who engage with special work.

  • Prevention against Influenza:We arrange regular flu shot every year, as one of our expression of caring for our staff’s health.


Welfare and Entertainment

We have established an employee welfare committee of which members are elected every year, and have always hosted all kinds of activities and events.


  • Birthday Celebration:Every month, our employee welfare committee gives birthday gifts or cash gifts to employees who have birthday in that month.

  • Incentive Tour and Meal Treats:Our committee hosts irregular incentive tours and meal treats depending on actual situation every year.

  • Club Activities:Currently, we have established many clubs, such as mountain climbing club, softball club, badminton club, and cycling club, etc. Our committee subsidizes a budget for club activities every year.

  • Gifts for Seasonal Celebrations:Our employee welfare committee gives gifts or cash gifts upon seasonal celebrations, such as Labor’s Day, Moon Festival, and Lunar New Year, etc.

  • Emergency Aid:Our committee also gives bailouts or aid for our employees who suffer from emergencies.

  • Gym Facilities:We also offer an indoor gym, table tennis, and billiards for our staff to maintain their physical energy and to relieve their stress.

  • Library:We have library to offer books, newspapers, and magazines for free reading.

  • Events and Seminars:Our employee welfare committee host events such as health lectures, CPR class, and aerobic dance courses, etc.