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Competitive Advantages

Precise Management of P.Q.C.D.


stamping products en

stamping products en2


TOSHMS certified eco-friendly process and environment

  • Adoption of green facilities
  • Zero contamination of waste water and gas emissions


Creation of eco-friendly process

  • Creation of eco-friendly process
  • Recycling and reuse of supplies.


Facility capabilities

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Advanced and high-stable progressive stamping facilities:We adopt Yamada Doby stamping facilities that are imported from Japan

  • High precision progressive molds.
  • High precision progressive die molds.


Advanced and automated selective silver’s electro-plating production lines

  • Selective plating with precision in width of a tolerance of +/-0.05mm.
  • Selective plating with precision in thickness of a tolerance of +15um as the lower limit required for our customers.


Eco-friendly hydrocarbon ultrasonic cleaning machine

  • Adoption of Toxic-free detergents.
  • Zero waste liquid emissions with total recycling.


Eco-friendly electrolysis recovery facilities

  • High economic benefits, including recycling treatment of silver’s and copper’s electro-plating waste liquid.
  • Control ability of waste water emission within the plants:COD value less than 600ppm; copper ion content less than 3ppm; silver ion content less than 0.5ppm ; PH values within 5 to 9. We have achieved zero contamination emissions under our waste treatment ability.